Currently reading: Mercedes G-Class to go electric, says Daimler boss
Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius suggests the last Mercedes to be built will be a G-Class and a zero-emissions version is on its way

The Mercedes G-Class will eventually be fully electric, according to Daimler boss Ola Källenius.

Källenius confirmed the electric variant at yesterday’s AMW Kongress in Berlin, soundbites of which were subsequently tweeted by Daimler digital transformation boss Sascha Pallenberg. This is the first time the company has gone on the record to confirm the car.

Little is known at present about the zero-emissions G-Class, which is expected to be a number of years away, other than that it will swap the current diesel V6 and petrol V8 for a 100% electric powertrain. However, some details may be deduced from other Mercedes EV models.

Following the approach used for other, already announced models in Mercedes’ EQ electric sub-brand, such as the EQA and the Mercedes-Benz EQC, the new car could be sold under the name EQG and feature bespoke body styling as a result. Like the EQS, the electric G-Class is likely to be introduced with four-wheel drive and generate its power from two electric motors - one at the car’s front and another giving thrust at the rear.

Although Mercedes has yet to release official specs, it's likely an electric G-Class will improve on the 282bhp and 443lb ft of torque generated by the standard version of the car. It will need to as well, because it will be considerably heavier.

In terms of range, the new car could sit somewhere between the 249-mile capability of the upcoming EQA and what Autocar expects to be the longer, 370-mile range of the EQE electric saloon.

However, this increased performance - if it materialises - will almost certainly come at an increased cost. The EQG will likely be the most expensive G-Class variant, because the G-Class is a heavy-set car and will therefore require a bigger and pricier battery pack.

Mercedes has not specified a launch date for the new car, saying only that it is “a long way in the future”.


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Peter Cavellini 8 November 2019


 Joining the Herd, the Club, honestly, it's no great surprise......

abkq 8 November 2019

I hope this time round

I hope this time round Mercedes actually remembers to design a new car rather than copy itself.
eseaton 8 November 2019

Why ever would they do that

Why ever would they do that abkq?

Lots of people love it just as it is.

Lots of designs don't change you know. Watches, gentlemen's shoes, pianos. Why should cars be any different?

The fact is, they sell very well as they are, and Mercedes loves them.

289 8 November 2019

@ abkq

I dont know a G-Wagen owner who wants a lighter or more stylish version.....there is plenty of blingy SUV's out there for those of an Urban nature.

It would no longer be a G-Wagen after all....the very thing that buyers of the vehicle cherish.

abkq 8 November 2019

A car is a piece of

A car is a piece of technology, not a nostalgic trip. Its form should reflect the technology it embodies. If you want nostalgia or aesthetics there are classic cars. Restoring an original G class is also an option.
289 8 November 2019

@ abkq

Clearly you have never owned a G-Wagen.

Some people just dont 'get it'....thats fine they can go elsewhere, and leave those that do to enjoy the it is thank you.

Hughbl 8 November 2019

It's not as if there was a viable long-term alternative

And why not just try to make it lighter. There must be ways to save on weight to avoid making it even heavier.