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German prosecutors issue fine over 'negligent violation' for fitting cars with systems to manipulate exhaust emissions

German prosecutors have fined Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler €870 million (£769.4m) for “negligent violation” in a case concerning the sale of various diesel models suspected of featuring measures to manipulate exhaust emissions.

In a statement, the Stuttgart public prosecutor said the German firm sold about 684,000 cars that did not comply with EU-mandated regulations on NOx emissions. The fine was issued under the country’s Administrative Offenses Act.

Daimler issued a statement saying that it had waived a right of appeal and considered the matter “fully concluded” as a result. It said that the fine related to part that has deviated from regulatory requirements since 2008 and which had already been the subject of recall orders from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA).

Daimler’s statement said: “In order to get clarity also for the future with respect to the interpretation of relevant legal provisions in a complex technical environment, Daimler AG maintains the objections against the KBA orders. After weighing all aspects, Daimler has refrained from taking a legal remedy in the public prosecutor’s administrative offense proceeding.”

Daimler also moved to quell any questions about the financial impact of the fine, saying it wouldn't have any significant influence on its third-quarter earnings.

The fine is the latest to be handed down by the Stuttgart public prosecutor in relation to diesel emission manipulation measures. Porsche was handed a €535m (£473.1m) fine in May, while Bosch was fined €90m (£79.6m).

The public prosecutor’s office said the Daimler fine has no impact on a separate investigation into individuals suspected of garnering knowledge of software used to manipulate emissions in diesel-engined Mercedes models. 

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fadyady 26 September 2019

Diesel farce

Despite all the protectionism and political manipulation and deceive devices, the diesel has reached the end of the road.
xxxx 25 September 2019

Any chance....

the UK could get a Hosital or 2 from Daimler too?

GODFATHER 25 September 2019

German engineering,

German engineering, discipline and integrity at its finest