Currently reading: Dieselgate: Audi CEO Stadler accused of fraud and false advertising
VW emissions probe widens to 20 suspects, including Audi's Rupert Stadler, whose home has been searched as part of investigation
Jimi Beckwith
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11 June 2018

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler has been accused by German prosecutors of fraud and false advertising in the ongoing Volkswagen Group emissions investigation.

Stadler, who had his contract extended last year, has been named a suspect by the Munich prosecutor’s office alongside another unnamed member of Audi’s board of management, according to Reuters.

Audi admitted to having used illegal defeat devices to manipulate its cars’ emissions in November 2015; Stadler has been CEO since 2007. It is thought that 11 million VW Group cars have been fitted with emissions manipulation devices

As part of the probe, Stadler’s home has been raided, while authorities are currently investigating 19 other suspects, the identities of whom have not been disclosed. 

Stadler was summoned to court in Stuttgart recently to give evidence at an emissions scandal hearing, alongside former VW Group boss Martin Winterkorn, former Audi technical director Ulrich Hackenberg and other prominent current and former VW Group executives. 

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11 June 2018

 For what reason were defeat devices used?, why were the alleged devices used?, same question I guess, were emissions legal limits too ambitious?, were Car makers not listened to?, it can’t just be about market share, profits, can it...?

11 June 2018
Muller - who shamed Houdini with his swift act of disappearance from the stage and from car magazines shallow memory - once famously said that being at the helm of Volkswagen affairs felt like having one foot in the jail. Being from a rich family allowed him the luxury of walking off into anonymity just like uncle Piech. It fell on Rupert and Martin to walk the plank for the family.

11 June 2018

Peter - the emissions targets were perhaps too ambitious for VW - despite huge scrutiny there are plenty of other car manufacturers who appear to have managed to meet the targets without relying on cheat devices. 

It’s conjecture as to why VW may have felt it necessary to cheat, and the likes of BMW and Mercedes did not. 

11 June 2018

I have doubts about BMW and Mercedes.

Have you checked their real world air pollution test results?

How can they be so good when Mazda and Honda are not so good? The Mazda and Honda engines are fundamentally good designs.

12 June 2018

I have, in another article, posed questions about the emissions and cost of producing wind turbines and solar panels,which is completely ignored or adjusted to fit the green brigade arguments.I am not an engineer but I ask the question,what temperatures must an engine run at to ensure all nasty particals are burnt in the combustion phase?

Who chose the new levels,bureaucrats in windowless rooms in Brussels  and New York,away from the real world?

Question:are the emission levels unattainable given current day technology?

Who suggests that all electric vehicles are emission free?

No they are not, because they have to wear some of the emission cost in the production of the power source providing the electricity.This attempt to control all sectors of our life style have huge implications as was seen with the governments"buy a clunker"(10 year old plus vehicle), scheme with the cash discount on purchasing a new vehicle,with the old vehicle destined to rust away in a holding yard somewhere.I believe that programe was disbanded because of the cost,and again what did it achieve?

12 June 2018

...of the temperatures reached in the glochenspittle thrumbulator.  Too low, and it goes all lumpy-lumpy.  Too high and it goes noxy-noxy.  And even when it's just right, it's both too lumpy-lumpy and too noxxy-noxxy.  The answer is the Freshair engine, which has been suppressed by the automotive industry by over a hundred years.  It has two wheels and a chain.

12 June 2018

On the particle burning question, it's not the engines that run hot but the filter itself. When it's regenerating you can feel the heat from beneath the car and the owner's manual advises you not to park on dry grass!

13 June 2018

It's good to see the Monty Python show and Will Wonka and the Chocolate factory are still relevant in the emission debate.Lumpy lumpy and noxy noxy sounds like the Uka Rumpa's are alive and well.Dry grass would be a problem unless they legislate that all cars have snorkel exhausts.Two wheels and a chain are valid except that the methane gas expended  riding up a hill may require new legislation to stop it happening.Good laugh 

24 September 2018
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12 January 2019

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