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New hypercar is said to be able to lap Silverstone at F1 pace; could it compete in the experimental class at Le Mans?

The headline-grabbing claim of Aston boss Andy Palmer that the AM-RB 001 will be capable of lapping Silverstone as fast as a Formula 1 car implies that the car wouldn’t be left wanting for pace in competitive racing.

Given the car’s passing similarity to a Le Mans Prototype, it is feasible for a rollcage and other safety equipment to be installed in the cabin.

The sticking point could be which championship it would be eligible for. Adrian Newey relished this challenge because he wasn’t constrained by the strict regulations that have tempered some of his most innovative ideas in F1.

Although it couldn’t enter the Le Mans 24 Hours against Porsche, Audi and Toyota because it doesn’t meet the rules, perhaps AM-RB 001 could be a candidate for Garage 56 at Le Mans, the invitation entry reserved for innovative projects.

After all, company boss Andy Palmer has form, entering the narrow-track ZEOD RC hybrid in Garage 56 in 2014 during his previous career at Nissan.

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Saucerer 6 July 2016

Given the claim that the

Given the claim that the racing version of the 001 is as quicker as a Formula One car, then it would actually be quicker than a current LMP1 car from Audi, Porsche and Toyota. Although it clearly wouldn't meet the LMP1 regulations, it would be eligible for the GTE class but given that individual cars in this class can be subjected to penalties like bigger restrictions and more weight to equalise performance, it'd seem nonsensical for Aston Martin to enter this car in the GTE class for it then not to be any quicker than the Ford GT, Ferrari 488 and even their own Vantage.
xxxx 5 July 2016

as fast as a Formula 1 car long as it's a Red bull F1 car