In an industry as innovative as ours, there’s a regular roll-out of brilliant cars for us to marvel at; a new Ferrari or a world-beating hot hatch will have us scrambling for details and itching for a drive.

But these cars appear a couple of times every year. What we really get excited about are the cars that come along once a decade.

These cars are disruptive, expensive, rare and unthinkably fast. They define a moment in automotive history; they become the automatic poster hero for a generation.

The AM-RB 001 is one of those cars – I can tell already. In fact, I could have guessed when we first broke the story in March. A joint collaboration between F1 whiz Adrian Newey and iconic carmaker, Aston Martin – a dream tie-up if ever there was one.

The McLaren F1 was borne of a similar relationship in the ‘90s, and with its central driving position and long-standing production car speed record, it’s still regarded as one of the finest supercars ever built.

Then came the Bugatti Chiron.

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