An Alfa Romeo 6C, sitting above the 4C in the range, could be on the cards, according to tuning company Pogea Racing

The Alfa Romeo 6C - a V6-engined rival to the Jaguar F-Type and Porsche 911 - is due to arrive in early 2020 following a motor show debut in the next 24 months, says tuning company Pogea Racing

Following in the footsteps of the 8C, the 6C will be named after the number of cylinders under the bonnet, indicating that the 503bhp V6 from the Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio will be used. Electrification isn’t ruled out, but an all-electric powertrain would likely be sidestepped - Maserati will bring the all-electric Alfieri to market in the same year, so the two would likely clash. 

It’ll sit above the four-cylinder 4C and act as a halo car in the brand’s range of sporting-oriented mass-market models - a rival to the upcoming Toyota Supra. The 4C is also due a refresh next year, with improvements to the suspension and steering.

Although the source of the information is not revealed by the German tuning outfit, it’s claimed that they are working closely with the project, and are enthusiastic about the car, suggesting a high-level Alfa Romeo executive. An Alfa Romeo spokesman described the claims as speculation, but didn’t rule out the possibility of a sports car in the future.

Alfa Romeo’s new push is also giving birth to a Formula One outfit - the brand confirmed its partnership with race team Sauber, and it’s likely that the road-going model will at least be marketed with a claimed influence from the motorsport. 

The last time Alfa Romeo entered such a market was in 2007, when it produced the Ferrari V8-engined 8C, which was limited to 500 units worldwide. It’s not yet known if the 6C would be produced in limited number, or as a fully-blown production model. 

In the wake of FCA’s Mazda MX-5 spin off being badged the Fiat 124, the brand is said to be exploring the idea of a successor to the Brera coupé and Spider, albeit with more power and less weight to address the criticisms of those models. Being a V6, it’ll likely bridge the gap between the entry-level 4C and the supercar-baiting 8C of last decade.

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Our Verdict

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo and the Giulia name is back, and returned in the shape of a saloon that is determined to disrupt the top order - watch out BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and Audi

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23 January 2018

I forgot just how stunning the 8C was. They should just put that body back into production on a lengthened 4C chassis with the V6 engine. It was easily (and still would be) the best looking car on sale since probably the 308GTB or E-Type.

23 January 2018
jmd67 wrote:

I forgot just how stunning the 8C was. They should just put that body back into production on a lengthened 4C chassis with the V6 engine. It was easily (and still would be) the best looking car on sale since probably the 308GTB or E-Type.

I agree, the 8C is stunning, in fact it's simply drop dead gorgeous. It may not have been gifted dynamically but when it looks like that, and sounds utterly amazing, it doesn't really matter. Only an Italian car could do that!


23 January 2018

Yum, yum!

23 January 2018

Please make it beautiful Alfa and don't just copy/paste the 8C and 4C.  Different is good.

23 January 2018
Yet again though it's news about a car which will be made in tiny numbers. I imagine the cost of trying to engineer a new spider (in the mould of the 60s Duetto for example) means that won't happen soon if ever. However could we even just get a family of C segment cars including a small Sprint coupe please. A 6C will be loved by enthusiasts but you need a halo car that sells in reasonable numbers to really push the brand to a wider audience. Using the Giulia's rear drive platform to create a compact crossover and a 3 door coupe starting from around £22,000 would in my opinion be the best way to replace the Giulietta, without having to tackle the A class, A class Golf etc head on. Trying to make a smaller Giulia based saloon or hatchback is going to require costly changes or horrible packaging compromises, and Alfa need car segment cars if they want to survive in Europe.

24 January 2018

When's it getting delayed and/or cancelled?



24 January 2018

Could be an easy way to become an ex-supplier. But given the aapparent lack of success of the 4C, I can't see much incentive to fund another expensive project with very low sales potential. 

24 January 2018

These halo cars are all very well, but I'd rather see a more mainstream coupe. With the Giulia there's a great base for it already

24 January 2018

I wish they’d put their efforts into creating an appealing Leon type car to replace both the ageing Mito and Giulietta

25 January 2018

Look like FCA pay more attention and invest in Alfa than Maserati.....really like the idea of 6c and can be a more affordable Ferrari or modern Dino, which Ferrari never going to make any engine smaller than V8


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