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No manual for the updated 4C, which arrives in 2019 after a late 2018 reveal

The Alfa Romeo 4C carbonfibre sports car will be overhauled in the near future, but it will never be offered with a manual transmission, says Alfa Romeo and Maserati engineering boss Roberto Fedeli. 

Speaking at the launch of Alfa Romeo's Stelvio Quadrifoglio, Fedeli confirmed that the lightweight two-seat sports car will be revised with improved suspension and steering, as well as possibly a new engine. A launch in autumn 2018 is likely, with sales commencing January 2019. 

The original 4C was heavily criticised by the press for its awkward ride, handling and unpredictable steering. Rather than hasten the 4C’s demise, though, Fedeli - formerly chief engineer at Ferrari - says he wants to make the 4C the car it should be. “We are coming back to Formula 1,” he said, “and we need the 4C to be our halo car.”

However, Fedeli also confirmed that no future high-performance Alfa Romeos, Maseratis or Ferraris will be available with manual gearboxes, citing a lack of demand among buyers. It's likely that Alfa Romeo will seek to steal share from the Alpine A110, as the new sports car launches as a Porsche Cayman rival next year.

Fedeli said his experiences at Ferrari were enough to convince him that the manual transmission was dead. While developing the California roadster several years ago, he says, Ferrari invested €10m in a manual gearbox option and, overall, just two such cars were built for customers.

Ahead of launch, Alfa Romeo will be tweaking the spec of the 4C, adding to the selection of paint colours available on the two-seater.

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Speedraser 13 December 2017

Well, that's new

A manual is only suited to high-revving low-torque engines??? That's utterly absurd. The 4C is a road car, and millisecond shifts aren't the most important thing to many of us.

Speedraser 13 December 2017

Well, that's new

A manual is only suited to high-revving low-torque engines??? That's utterly absurd. The 4C is a road car, and millisecond shifts aren't the most important thing to many of us.

7tn50cc 13 December 2017

The 4C is the perfect NOT perfect sport car...

Fedeli has an big ego.  So big, he is willing to toot his own horn at the expense of his employer.   The dude has proven loyalty isn't what he is known for.

Of couse he must defend wasting millions on a transmisson for a car that, at least, I for one, would never have risked.  The California, as pretty as it is, is or would never be the "enthusiast' sport car.  It is more fashion, comfort and elegance.   An owner with a carry dog getting into the driver seat wouldn't suprise me and would almost be expected.  The California is like Fedeli in a way.  The California a little fashion anal, Fedeli just anal in everything.

So the 4C just isn't the type of car Fedeli could put his name on.  Too unrefined. Too crude.  To wild.
 It was designed by less perfectionist types.   I mean, has anyone not looked up close at the fit and finish of the 4C?  Yeah, sure it is handmade and all but it can be off setting if you don't or can't appreciate what the car does actually do well.  And an aftermarket Alpine radio?  That's totally laughable for those who buy a car mostly for NOT how it drives - like 99% of the population, they choose a car not based on how well it mimics a super fast go cart.

And that's the thing.  Fedeli doesn't design go carts.   And to him, are not actually that enjoyable.   Not enough coddling and too difficult to live with...

And then to address the 4C lack of manual...  A manual doesn't make sense in this car.   A manual is way too slow and doesn't suit the engine character.  The 1750 is punchy and torquey.  It is not high revving at all.  It needs to be relatively short shifted.   And because the revs run out soon, upshifts happen quickly and to keep the turbo spooled, shifts needs to be super quick.   Sure put something with a 7500 redline and manual makes way more sense.

Who cares what journalists think? Journalists all tend to be rather negative.  That is why they consider themselves critics.  It is their job to express what they believe to be flaws.  They believe it is their duty to protect the uninformed and ignorant.  Pfft, who needs that?   These same people will write that you shouldn't do this or shouldn't do that.  They get off and gain sense of control telling others what they should or should not do.   That is why they are writers and critics.  They have need to tell others what they should and should not think.   And it is much easier to find supporters when you complain about something or someone especially if it is about something that most don't understand.   Most don't understand how to be superquick in a car.  Fedeli doesn't even know.  That is why he isn't a superfast race car driver.  Neither are most journalists.  

The 4C gives that enjoyment to talented or superfast drivers or those who understand and get it.   This is who the 4C is for.  This is only who the 4C is for.  This will always be who the 4C is for.