Currently reading: Toyota Supra to be launched in 2019 under Gazoo performance brand
Insiders report the new Supra will launch in 2019 as the halo product of its Gazoo performance division

Toyota will launch its Supra under the name of its newly launched road performance arm, Gazoo, in 2019.

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The boss of Gazoo Racing, Koei Saga, previously told Autocar at the Monte Carlo Rally in January 2017 that the Supra would be launched under the Gazoo banner. He also revealed that producing a halo hybrid model was a "dream" of his, suggesting that Gazoo’s road car team was already making use of the brand’s racing-derived hybrid powertrain technology and hinting that he would like the Supra to use the same technology.

Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept unveiled 

It remains unclear whether the Supra will be launched under the moniker of Gazoo Supra or Toyota Supra Gazoo, but high-placed insiders say the car is likely to be revealed in 2018 ahead of an on-sale date in the UK in 2019.

In addition to the hybrid range-topper, it is thought likely that the Supra will be also launched with the option of non-hybrid models. Speculation has suggested this will include 243bp four-cylinder and 328bhp six-clinder powertrains derived from BMW, who have developed the BMW Z4 on which the new Supra is based. It remains unclear, however, whether buyers will be offered the option of a manual gearbox.

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Saga suggested that more hybrid Gazoo models were likley to be sold in the future by emphasising the importance of hybrid powertrains to his division. He cited Gazoo Racing’s hybrid motorsport models, which include its World Endurance Championship LMP1 racer and hybrid-V8 Prius that competes in Japan’s Super GT 300 class, as examples.

The first production Gazoo model to be sold in Europe will be a hot version of the Toyota Yaris hatchback, tested by Autocar earlier this year.

Saga hinted that a plan to launch more roadgoing Gazoo models in Europe after this was already in place. When asked if he wanted a full range of Gazoo models to be produced for the market, he said “of course”.


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James Dene 24 October 2017


I'd like another 944 S2 or even better, a 928 (without the repair bills). I thought this migth be it, but a Gazoo! Surely this is a premature and not at all funny Fools' Day joke.

Didz 26 January 2017

Gazoo.... lol

From a french movie; have a good laugh !

DdWorks 26 January 2017



The Toyota Supra! Please leave the Gazoo name back in JDM format.
Resurrect TRD, that three letters spoke volumes.

TS7 26 January 2017

I wondered who ...

... would be first to flush out the TRD.