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Finn says he won't be in F1 next year if he can't agree a McLaren deal

Kimi Raikkonen has said he won't be in F1 next year unless he can agree a deal with McLaren.

The Finn is a free agent after this season, having agreed an early end to his contract with Ferrari.

He has been linked with moves to both McLaren and Toyota next year - but has now revealed he is only interested in the McLaren deal.

"Toyota has not even been discussed," Raikkonen told Finnish television station MTV3. "If I want to drive [F1] cars, then McLaren in the only option. I should know the situation in the next few days."

Raikkonen also said there were other options for him outside of F1 – including rallying or even a sabbatical.

"Basically I have a few different options and we will see what is the best one overall and then make my decision," he said.

When asked specifically about rallying, Raikkonen said: "It is definitely one of them, but I mean it is not just Formula 1 and rallying. There are other things I could do and we will see what happens."

Speaking about the possibility of taking a sabbatical, Raikkonen said: "I can if I want. I can do whatever I want, but like I said before, I haven't made my decision what I want to do yet."

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Broom Broom 19 November 2009

Re: Raikkonen: 'McLaren only option'

Lee23404 wrote:

Actually if you look back through the posts you'll find that Broom Broom was spot on.

Do you have inside info or something Broom Broom?

Now this person is furthest one from silly I've seen for a long time. I want more insightful, marvellous input like this, please, Autocar.

Superlative, superlative, superlative and bruh-ruh-ruh-ruh-rilliant! - as a certain Mr M. Walker - hint, hint - used to say in Suzuka before stopping because he either couldn't carry on, didn't want to, or James Hunt - hint, hint - had wrestled him to the ground and wrenched the microphone from his cold, waxy grip.

You see? Just sprinkling a little bit of history in there goes a long way to maintaining the thrill of my posts, but that sort of rich detail doesn't just appear out of nowhere.

Lee23404 19 November 2009

Re: Raikkonen: 'McLaren only option'

I was referring simply to the points Broom Broom made, not the way he made them.

optimal_909 19 November 2009

Re: Raikkonen: 'McLaren only option'

That's one thing, the other one which grabbed my attention is "considering the capability I have within myself to make people look silly as and when I choose" - anyway, I was not part of this thread, this isn't my style of conversation so I don't want to make a discussion about it.