Ferrari driver has no permanent damage and will walk out of hospital
30 July 2009

Ferrari driver Felipe Massa has left intensive care and is expected to walk out of hospital within the next 10 days.

His personal doctor Dino Altman has confirmed his injuries are not permanent and said there is “nothing to worry about”.

“The edema involved only a tiny part of the brain. There's nothing to worry about, and no further operations are forecast. No permanent damage,” he said.

“He speaks normally, very well and more than before. He remembers everything starting from Saturday, except for the crash of which he can't remember anything. He knows what day is today, and he also knows that for two or three days he wasn't conscious.

“The way things are going, he will be able to leave even before 10 days have gone by.”

Massa took his first steps since the accident yesterday, when he walked out of the intensive care unit.

Seven-times world champion Michael Schumacher will take his place at Ferrari until he recovers fully.

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