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Red Bull driver benefits from a rare Lewis Hamilton mistake to grab his second Formula 1 victory

Sergio Pérez emerged the winner from a chaotic end to the Azerbaijan Grand Prix after Max Verstappen suffered a late, high-speed tyre blow-out and Sir Lewis Hamilton made a rare error, finishing 15th.

It was the Mexican driver's second career Formula 1 win, after the Sakhir GP last year, and his first in his new Red Bull colours.

After a turgid Monaco GP, this was more like it, with incidents throughout the race and excitement right to the end.

Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel came a sensational second (after qualifying 11th) and AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly third. Poleman Charles Leclerc was fourth, while Lando Norris had another fine race to finish fifth.

Hamilton snatches defeat from the jaws of victory

The damage limitation looked good for Hamilton, all the way up to the last two laps of the race.

After struggling in practice, the driver and his Mercedes-AMG team performed a miracle in qualifying, running an ultra low-drag set-up that allowed Hamilton to grab second on the grid.

He passed Leclerc for the lead on lap three and, although he subsequently lost P1 to Verstappen after a slow pitstop, he was at least set for a podium finish, behind the two Red Bulls.

Verstappen’s tyre blow-out and the subsequent red flag and then race restart meant he was even in with a shot of the win.

But it wasn’t to be another Hamilton miracle, as he accidentally flicked a brake-bias switch for the start of the final two-lap sprint to the flag, causing his front tyres to lock-up after he passed Pérez at the race restart. He slid down the escape road, recovering to finish 15th.

Hamilton’s team mate, Valterri Bottas, had another weekend to forget. After his appalling luck at Monaco, Bottas was nowhere to be seen in Azerbaijan, qualifying 10th and finishing 12th.

The next race is at a more traditional circuit: Paul Ricard in France. Mercedes must be hoping they can turn their season around after the disastrous last two races. They’re now playing catch up to Red Bull – not a position they’re used to.

Red Bull looking good

Verstappen was understandably angry after his tyre woes, but he remains at the top of the drivers’ table, and the team and driver are now in the pound seat in the championship. Verstappen looked comfortable all weekend - although he qualified third, it felt like only a matter of time before he would lead the race. And when he did, it seemed very easy for him, operating well within his window.

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And with rez coming on-song, Red Bull can finally maximise their tactical situation at each race, with two drivers mixing it at the sharp end. In previous years, the weaker driver in the second car meant Verstappen was effectively fighting Hamilton with one hand tied behind his back. Now, though, Red Bull is looking good. Ironically, it’s just as Mercedes is struggling to get Bottas into an effective supporting role for Hamilton.

Pirelli's woes

With two high-speed accidents following tyre failures, Pirelli is in the headlines. Initial reports from the tyre manufacturer point to both failures being caused by debris, rather than wear-related, but both Verstappen’s and Lance Stroll’s accidents were at such high speeds that it’s a relief nobody was hurt.


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Peter Cavellini 7 June 2021
405line@, we all agree with your sentiments, but, what if, as what said by at least two commentators, they’d crashed on the left sides of their respective accidents?, no matter how much tech, engineering that goes into making car like this fast etc, if you hit concrete, at 200mph+ , your not going to come out of it, last season there wasn’t an issue with the Tyres, this year we’ve had two accidents, now, it’s either, pushing the boundaries of performance by the teams, or, there’s something wrong with this years Tyres.
405line 7 June 2021

The take home is that winning F1 races is VERY difficult it's not just a case of arrive and win it's more a case of "getting it right" at every race weekend, and getting it right means a whiole raft of things have to be got right, I hope this sort of thing makes people aware of the effort it takes to win a single F1 race and the danger involved even though no one is forcing anyone to risk their lives every couple of weeks. Not the first time we've had tyre issues like this either.

Peter Cavellini 7 June 2021

If car debris is what Pirelli are saying, how come it wasn't an issue in previous races?