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Golf GTI Next Level and Golf Estate TGI GMotion were created by VW apprentices; they’re being showcased at Europe’s biggest VW meet

Volkswagen apprentices from 12 separate facilities have produced two one-off Golfs for the Wörthersee meet this year, incorporating the latest powertrain and interior technologies and production techniques.

The first, named the Golf GTI Next Level, was produced by a team of apprentices from the Wolfsburg plant and seat-producing Volkswagen partner Sitech, is based on the regular Golf GTI, with its 2.0-litre engine tweaked to produce 405bhp. 

The bulk of the modifications appear inside the car, however; 3D-printed doorcards house speakers and subwoofers, while the boot floor opens to reveal a retractable monitor and LED lighting, all controllable through a smartphone app developed in-house. 

On the outside, forged aluminium wheels and hand-painted details on the custom paintwork mark out the car. 

The other team, from Volkswagen’s Chemnitz, Sachsen and Zwickau plants, unveiled the compressed natural gas-powered Volkswagen Golf Estate TGI GMotion. This has a 1.5-litre engine producing 129bhp and is mooted to have both on and off-road manners thanks to integrated four-wheel drive and coilover suspension that can be raised or lowered by up to 40mm. To aid off-road ability, the exhaust and undertray have been modified. Four-piston brakes have also been fitted.

Inside, custom upholstery covers the seats, while the contrasting trim is finished with chrome. The exterior is finished in a mix of matt and gloss paints, borrowing three shades from Bentley's palette in addition to the Golf’s factory black shade. 

Both cars are on display at the Wörthersee meet in Austria. It's a tradition for Volkswagen to bring apprentice-modified cars to the annual event; last year, a Golf GTE Estate and 396bhp hybrid Golf GTI were showcased. 

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Peter Cavellini 10 May 2018

Could be could be.....

 This isn’t have bad, I like the exterior really stands out and with the extra Ponies under the a Hood it’s a sleeper of sorts....