Grainy pictures show new black cab; set for Beijing motor show launch next week
23 April 2010

Chinese firm Geely has launched its own version of the London black cab at the month’s Beijing motor show.

Geely’s Englon TXN concept is a modern recreation of the classic TX4 black cab. The firm has released two low-quality renderings of it running through London’s streets, as well as interior pictures.

See the Englon TXN pictures

Geely is poised to take a controlling stake in the maker of the London black cab Manganese Bronze, and it recently shifted production from Coventry to China.

The cabs had been produced be Manganese’s subsidiary London Taxis International since 1948 and the production shift resulted in 60 job losses.

Full details of the Englon TXN will be revealed at the Beijing motor show, which starts on 23 April.

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12 April 2010

[quote Autocar]Chinese firm Geely will launch its own version of the London black cab at this month’s Beijing motor show.[/quote]

The Final Humiliation? Black cabs from Shanghai?

12 April 2010

The back end looks like it's been cut and pasted from a FIAT 500 in Photoshop...

The front is in fact a second front to drive tourists away from London:

"Nooo, don't go to the UK Ethel, they have taxis that turn you stone when you look at them! Look at this nice brochure for Beijing"

12 April 2010

Don't fret guys, from the photographs it would appear that this new version of the "London Cab" does not conform to Transport for London's hackney carriage regulations for wheelchair access, therefore it cannot be intended for sale in the UK.

12 April 2010

Quite. Is London the only city in the world that demands a taxi can swallow a wheelchair whole?

12 April 2010

It'll never take off, not enough room in the back, one of the real benefits of our black cabs is the ability to seat 5, this one looks like 3 at a push.

12 April 2010

[quote Squonk61]The back end looks like it's been cut and pasted from a FIAT 500 in Photoshop[/quote]

That was my second thought, the first being "Holy cow, that is one hideous mangling of a british icon".

12 April 2010

Looks like a black mini countryman.

12 April 2010

Also, that front end... does it REALLY pass pedestrian impact regulations?! It looks incredibly un-pedestrian friendly to me.

12 April 2010

Blimey guys, all anyone ever does on here is moan about chinese product, almost by default.

It has shades of old A40 Westminster about it, I like it and it will probably carry out its intended duties with great ability. So chill out.

12 April 2010

That's not even London, it's Budapest. That's Gelert Hill in the back ground seen from the Pest side of the Chain Bridge...

A fake taxi in a fake London


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