Beijing Auto Works reveals Jeep and Land Rover inspired SUVs
24 April 2010

A brace of Land Rover and Jeep inspired off-roaders have been launched by Beijing Auto Works (BAW) at the Beijing motor show.

BAW is an offshoot of BAIC, which was in the running to buy Saab from GM last year. Eventually, it bought for the previous generation Saab 9-5 platform, the pre-2006 Saab 9-3 platform, a third mystery platform, two engines and two transmissions.

Old Saab 9-5 resurfaces in China

The BAW B90 is part Range Rover, part Jeep Grand Cherokee. The BAW B40 is more Jeep Wrangler in styling. In addition, the company is launching the C30 Electric Concept.

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21 April 2010

If this 4x4 gets produced it could sell well with the right pricing and customer targeting. It arguably looks better than both the LR Disco and any current Jeep!

21 April 2010

Strange that they are yet to build a globally successful mainstream model let alone anything remotely related to words like luxury or sports, but they go ahead and imitate the likes of Rolls Royce and Range Rover. Maybe this sort of stuff sells well in China so who am i to judge.

21 April 2010

I was about to say those pesky Orientals have again been shamelessly stealing iconic western design property but then one sees Ford's new Land Rover Explorer replete with its knocked-off Terrain Response System. Mr Tata wiil have to call his lawyers.

21 April 2010

These look good but the door handles on the saloon car need a rethink. They betray the car's ancient lineage. The Rover 45 had the same issue all its life in all its guises.

Easy fix if you ask me.

21 April 2010

[quote nicksheele]I was about to say those pesky Orientals have again been shamelessly stealing iconic western design property [/quote]

Maybe thats a philosophy they should have used when designing the new MG Roewever cars which look distinctly like they have been disigned by a committee!!! Or maybe they are just apeing the design ethod of rovers former parent, Leyland who also designed by committee.

At least these "rip offs" look good.

21 April 2010

Suprise surprise an emerging market starts ripping off our creativity!!

Do we never learn, they want the short route to profit so by making their cars look like European ones by either copying or buying up the old tooling they can sell literally thousands on the home market meaning that it is more difficult to sell European brands there in large numbers.

Daewoo once built the old Honda Legend from old tools and went around telling everyone that they had designed it!! It still had a Honda badge on the airbag steering wheel.

I think it is time that China's exchange rate should be looked at again to make it a fair industry again.

21 April 2010

How Odd,

Its like the 2011 Grnad Cherokee at the front, with Range Rover style windscreen and a Freelander style rear. Why cant these companies make up their own designs?

21 April 2010

Not a bad looking knock off. Front overhand not too good for off-roading, but then that's not what these things are bought for. The Saab engine should be as good if not better than Land Rover's Ford unit too. Tata need to pull their finger out and start manufacturing Land Rover's at low cost or they will lose the Asian market.

21 April 2010

How do they get away with such blatant plagiarism?

And when are the Chinese makers going to come up with their own designs and stop ripping off others?

21 April 2010

Who says it's a knock-off? There's not a lot to choose from on the design front on big 4x4s. Did Audi copy Lexus? No, of course not, it's just yet another 4x4!


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