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Nio's second car is an all-electric 7 seat SUV but it's only for the Chinese market

The Nio ES8, Nio's second model and first mass-market car has been revealed at the Shanghai motor show

Expected to pick up far more sales than the EP9 electric hypercar, the ES8 is a seven-seat SUV with a length of over 4978mm; around the same as a standard-wheelbase Range Rover, although the ES8's wheelbase of over 2998mm sits in between those of the standard and extended-wheelbase Range Rovers.

No range figure has been given for the ES8, but the brand did reveal that the car is powered by two electric motors; one for the front wheels and one for the rear, and it also has adaptive air suspension. Most notably, the car has a swappable battery pack to allow for easy recharging. It's not yet known at what price spare battery packs will be available.

Nio has also attempted to keep the weight of the car down by using aluminium for both the body and chassis, and announced that its manufacturing and supply facilities for the car are ready for its production. 

Its look previews that of the future range of Nio models, with metallic X-shaped trim at the front and distinctive rear lights. 

First deliveries are slated for 2018, with an official sales launch coming later in the year. The brand also announced that it has started taking pre-orders for its EP9 electric hypercar. The model starts at around £1,150,000.

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