Currently reading: Faraday Future reveals futuristic interior concept for FF 91 EV
Tesla rival features digital-heavy interior with artificial intelligence, 11 screens and multiple cameras

Faraday Future has revealed details about the interior of its upcoming FF 91, which it claims will “change the concept of digital life” in a car.

The Sino-American start-up company described the interior of the electric SUV, whose interior was previewed at the Los Angeles motor show, as a "third internet living space" that'sintended to integrate artificial intelligence, the internet, luxury and comfort.

It said: "The smart TV was introduced first in 2013 and changed the way we access digital contents at home. Faraday Future's mission is to change the concept of digital life when we're in our vehicles."

The interior of the car is heavily digitalised, with 11 screens, including a 15.4in infotainment screen, 11.6in digital instrument display, 10.1in digital rear-view mirror and a 27in HD TV built into its roof.

These are complemented by several interior cameras that recognise users, their expression and their mood and adjust settings such as music and temperature to suit.

Internet is provided through three 4G LTE modems, which can also be used for livestreaming, alongside monitors to take conference calls. The infotainment system comes with integrated Amazon Alexa and Sharedrop.

The seats are 14-way adjustable, with massaging and heating options and can recline up to 60deg, the greatest recline angle in any current production vehicle, according to Faraday Future.

No key is needed for the FF 91. The vehicle recognises users as they approach, opens the door and adjusts the interior to customised settings. The Seamless Entry System uses low-energy Bluetooth frequencies from the user’s smartphone to 'awaken' the car before it's entered, tailoring settings to the user’s preferences, including seats, mirrors, temperature, music and screens. Faraday Future says its goal is that users are “able to transition from your home to your phone and then to your car without interruption”.

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Production of the FF 91, first revealed at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is expected to begin next year. It generates 1050bhp from an electric powertrain that's claimed to propel it from 0-60mph in less than 3.0sec. Electric motors are mated to a 130kWh battery and deliver 378 miles of range based on the US-standard EPA test.

The Tesla rival is described by Faraday Future as “a bold new species of electric mobility that combines supercar performance, precise handling, the comfort of an ultra-luxury passenger vehicle and a unique collection of intelligent internet features”.

The company aims to follow the FF 91 with the smaller, yet-to-be-revealed FF 81 in 2022.


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