Currently reading: Aston Martin Valkyrie appears in public as market launch nears
Aston's 1160bhp, multi-million-pound V12 hypercar turns its wheels in public at Goodwood

Aston Martin's hypercar flagship, the Valkyrie, has taken to the Goodwood Festival of Speed hill climb in near-production guise  ahead of the start of customer deliveries.

The 1160bhp mid-engined model drove its first miles on public roads late last year, around the brand's Silverstone engineering base.

It was driven by Aston test driver Chris Goodwin and will also be driven by a team of engineers, including those from Red Bull Advanced Technologies, who were integral in the Valkyrie's development. First deliveries are now tipped for the latter half of 2021 - later than initially thought.

The Czinger 21C rival has already been put through its paces countless times on track, and earlier this year, a video was released of Red Bull Racing F1 drivers Alex Albon and Max Verstappen giving it the once over behind the wheel (below).

Cosworth has designed the engine and will build the 150 units that will be fitted to road-going Valkyries, plus around 25 track-only AMR Pro versions. 

Cosworth managing director Bruce Wood confirmed the 1000hp target was agreed well before the first prototype was built, and that the V12 is set to serve as a structural component. As in a race car, it will be bolted directly to the Valkyrie's tub and have the gearbox and rear suspension hung from it. The drive gears for the camshafts are located at the rear, in an effort to insulate the cabin from some of the noise they make at high revs.

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si73 18 March 2020

So much silly negativity,

So much silly negativity, this car will sound epic and, I think, looks amazing, the only downside as far as I am concerned is that I'll probably never see or hear one. As for the Tesla roadster destroying this thing, I doubt it'll beat it around a track but who knows and who cares, the buyer of this Aston will probably have a Tesla as well and an atom and numerous Ferraris etc so what relevance is there to comparing the two?
Peter Cavellini 18 March 2020

Nice to see.

 Nice to see one out on the main road, doesn't look that out of place compared to its rivals.

jason_recliner 18 March 2020


It's one thing to see a static concept, but to see it on public roads...  The F1 was pretty but didn't move the game along much in terms of styling and design.  This is a game changer, can't wait  for the road tests!

Peter Cavellini 18 February 2020

Toy story....

 So, it's not going racing, not as a Factory entry, could a buyer do as a privateer?

Cenuijmu 19 February 2020

Let's see.

Let's see.

What is obvious though from the Adrian Newey design is that any buyers might have to get some racing tuition to do the car at least 30% of it's potential.

As people bring out 2000 bhp pure EV cars like Lotus etc that are heavy, this V12 epic engine in an epic chassis might go up in value like the original F1 car.

It's not going to be a duffer is it.