Alpina's hot petrol 5 Series will be joined by a 400bhp D5 version based on the BMW 550d

The new Alpina B5 Biturbo, which is powered by a 600bhp twin-turbocharged petrol V8, is priced from £89,000 in the UK.

First deliveries of the B5 Biturbo will take place in March, with the saloon priced from £89,000 and the Touring estate from £91,000. Single-digit numbers are expected, but there's no limit on production. A larger number of the more frugal D5 diesel is expected.

Both saloon and Touring versions of the hot petrol 5 Series variant use BMW’s 4.4-litre unit, which outputs 590lb ft of torque. The B5 Biturbo accelerates from 0-62mph in 3.4sec and tops out at 204mph.

That performance ranks it slightly above the new BMW M5, which produces 592bhp, accelerates from 0-62mph in 4.2sec and has a top speed of 190mph. 

BMW won't be producing an M5 Touring, so the B5 Touring will be the hottest estate on offer in the 5 Series range. It has been given upgraded twin-scroll turbochargers nestled between the cylinder banks, as well as upgraded airflow, intercoolers and brakes. 

Rear-wheel steering is used, allowing the car to turn the rear wheels up to an angle of 2.5deg, and a mechanical limited-slip differential is a £2500 option. 

The standard B5 Biturbo saloon achieves 26.9mpg and emits 240g/km CO2, while the B5 Touring returns 26.2mpg and 247g/km.

Our Verdict

Alpina B5

The Alpina B5 is very quick, but it is let down by uninvolving driving dynamics

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Both the B5 and D5 have Alpina's own exterior styling and familiar multi-spoke wheels. Performance-honed suspension and gearbox settings will also give the two hot Touring models sharper responses than BMW’s regular estates.

UK pricing is yet to be confirmed for the D5, but a figure of around £60,000 is expected.

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1 August 2016
... if the new B5 will come here. The current B5 isn't, nor is the 550i available as an estate here.

19 October 2016
As is often seen on Youtube there are M5's running a whole lot more than 600bhp,whether they last is another question,anyway,so there's a B5,an M5 with the limiter removed,big deal!,more bucks for er a higher topspeed?

Peter Cavellini.

20 February 2017
What's with the camo? It's not like we don't know what the body shape is going to look like...

20 February 2017
[quote=Johnny English]What's with the camo? It's not like we don't know what the body shape is going to look like...[/quote] Camo may once have been used as camo but increasingly seems to be used for the opposite effect - to attract attention. I even saw some used in my local BMW dealer for that purpose.

21 February 2017
Not that it's a great format for classic handling but such is the surfeit of torque of that tri-turbo motor surely Alpina will now use the X-drive system as standard ? Why, especially if you're speccing the Touring version, would you want to stuff 800+ Nm through 2 rear tyres ?


21 February 2017
Don't worry, BB, the Alpinas will all be available in X Drive.Even a B3 /B4 Allrad is available-the X drive M3/M4 BMW resists making.Sadly they are not available in NA,but the B5 will be .happily. So the choice is a modified 340i x drive M Performance for us,M3 wouldn't get out of the driveway for months of the year [here in Northern Canada] New M5 X Drive and the B5 are going to be a great comparison,but the sleeper is going to be the D5 X drive which that HUGE torque.An Alpina D3 Touring Allrad [X drive] is probably the best all round practical vehicle for UK, BAR NONE,and to hell with an SUV!


21 February 2017
OOPS "with that HUGE torque"


24 March 2017
Perhaps the Alpina should be faster than an M5? The purpose? Should be a faster and even better version than BMW M divisions vehicles.

That points towards the future for Munich? Lightweight. A bit further up in the power range and so forth.

A little bit as Ruf Porsche's with the CTR models.

26 March 2017
Depends,if your considering this Car,then we could assume that you have the disposable to afford something tasty for the Weekend and i'm not talking about a Pizza!,i am not going to say there's nothing better than a BMW because there obviously is,but if this is your daily driver(lucky you!),do you really need something faster.......?

Peter Cavellini.

18 September 2018

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