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Audi has shown that a rear-wheel drive R8 is destined for the Frankfurt motor show in a new preview video

A preview video released by Audi Sport has suggested that a rear-wheel drive R8 is heading for the Frankfurt motor show next week.

The clip, which shows an Audi R8 performing donuts, is accompanied by the hashtag AudiIAA; Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, or Frankfurt motor show. 

Audi R8 RWS revealed 


It’ll be the first time a purely rear-wheel drive R8 has been created, and follows in the footsteps of the closely-related Lamborghini Huracan rear-wheel drive. That model ditched its LP580-2 signifier as Lamborghini seeks to simplify its naming strategy. 

Since Audi made the 5.2-litre V10 the only option in the R8 lineup, it’s almost certain that the 532bhp version of the engine from the standard R8 will feature in this model. The 602bhp version from the R8 V10 Plus hasn’t been ruled out, however. 

Autocar uncovered last year that the R8 would gain a new V6-engined variant, sharing its engine with the Porsche Panamera and RS4, RS5 and RS Q5. This will replace the discontinued 4.2-litre V8 which was offered in the model’s first generation. It’s unlikely that this engine will feature in the rear-drive R8, however.

The introduction of the rear-wheel drive variant will mark the fifth variant in the supercar’s lineup, although it’s not yet confirmed where the rear-wheel drive model will sit amongst the V10 coupé and Audi Spyder, and the Plus-badged variants. It’s likely to be an entry-level offering, however.

Decals on the car’s bonnet, engine cover and roof suggest that it could be a limited-edition model, or that a special ‘Launch Edition’ could be offered.

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DdWorks 11 September 2017

Awesome = Audisome

What I meant is making the Audi Sport R8 RWD is a no brainer. It will be a perfect addition to the Quattro R8 V10 and V10 plus. But I wondered what the powertrain might be.