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New 1:8 model is based on Goldfinger's iconic car and comes complete with 007's gadgets

Lego is now selling a 1:8 scale model kit of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 fom the 1964 movie Goldfinger.

The 1290-piece model comes with 007's original gadgets from the film, which stars Sean Connery as Bond and was the third instalment in the Bond film series.

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Finished in Silver Birch and featuring silver wire wheels like the actual car, the model is Lego’s take on the iconic British GT. Bond’s bespoke additions have been added, including an ejector seat, revolving numberplates and front wing-mounted machine guns.

There's also a radar tracker, hidden telephone and wheel-mounted tyre scythes.

Under the bonnet, the model has a six-cylinder engine, mimicking the 4.0-litre straight six that powered the classic two-door performance model.

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Measuring 10cm high and 34cm long, the car is described by Lego as a “challenging and rewarding build experience full of nostalgia” that can become a “perfect display piece”. It's rated at Lego's 'expert' level, meaning it's among the most difficult models to build.

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The kit goes on sale today and costs £129.99. It is available exclusively in Lego stores.

Lego produces several iconic cars for its model kits. Another recent example is the Caterham Seven 620R, which Autocar 'tested'.

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andoon@protonma... 23 August 2018

Honestly, this is not so bad.

Honestly, this is not so bad. It does look like an Original model in some ways. But hey, i don't like it for only one reason - the only one James Bond version that i accept is a Casino Royale James Bond. Honestly, that movie was SO good that i've decided to jump into suomikasino. And i didn't regret it. Gambling gods have sent much luck upon my head :D

kboothby 18 July 2018

Oh Dear....

Not even the Chinese could produce something as dire as this! When you try to recreate hand-formed Aluminium panels with rectangular bricks something will be lost in the translation, Lego no doubt paid AM for a licence to do this but, quite honestly, they could have saved themselves a few quid and just released it anyway, if I was woking in Aston's legal department I'd be too busy p*ssing myself laughing to issue a writ :)


275not599 18 July 2018

This is as good as the

This is as good as the Meccano F40 and that’s not a compliment. It’s just the wrong material.  Matchstick cathedrals work, this doesn’t.