Variants such as a coupe or GT3 R variant would ensure the Bentayga stays competitive against its rivals

More Bentley Bentayga variants are on the cards to ensure the car maker keeps an edge on its rivals, according to CEO Wolfgang Durheimer.

A number of options have been tabled including a coupe version or a GT3 R version in a similar vein to the Continental GT3 RSuch a model could arrive with a Bentayga facelift in 2019. However, Durheimer said no decision has been made yet.

“Derivatives are important to us because you have to be the newest kid in town for customers.” 

The Bentayga has been a runaway success for Bentley, despite early scepticism, and now a number of rivals are working on luxury SUVs, said Durheimer. “We will see a large number of competitors [in this segment] in the future. They are all working on their luxury SUVs.

“The customers that are buying in this market are keen to have the latest design out there.”

He added that when new rivals do turn up, so long has Bentley has another option – in this case Bentayga variants – it can keep ahead of the curve.

There are a plethora of rivals coming, including the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, the BMW X7, Lamborghini Urus and Audi Q8.

Meanwhile, Bentley is still deciding on another model in its line-up, which could be a two-seat roadster as previewed by the recent EXP12 Speed 6e concept or another SUV.

Durheimer said its its product plan means further Bentayga models won’t arrive before 2022 but, while there is no verdict, he added that his personal preference was a smaller Bentayga. 

The Bentayga has also been Bentley’s first application of a diesel engine, which has been incredibly well-received with Autocar awarding it a revered five stars in its review. But Durheimer said he can not see any other use for diesel across the broader line-up for the foreseeable future.

Bentley’s next focus is the new Continental GT, which is due to be revealed this summer. 

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Bentley Bentayga

The big-in-every-way Bentley SUV lands. We assess the impact

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4 May 2017
Really? A GT3R version of a 2.5 tonne SUV? Get inthe f**king sea Bentley.


4 May 2017
Part of the democratisation of big money means new money has not yet evolved taste.

4 May 2017
Needs less variants and more facelifts.

4 May 2017
Needs less variants and more facelifts.

4 May 2017
It certainly is heavy enough and perhaps Bentley could go to the sea with a boat like Aston Martin.

4 May 2017
A CC, a Coupe, a Gran Coupe, more special editions, more limited editions, more individual editions, more bespoke editions, more personalisation, more black wheels and red roofs.

4 May 2017
Bentayga was a logical step for Bentley. Next version might address slightly awkward styling but for what it is, it isn't too bad.

I thought the GT3 R on the Continental GT was pushing it and didn't quite look or sit right, but on this it would simply be a joke.

I think it could be addressed in a far better way. Off the top of my head;

- Bentayga Coupe... works for BMW and would probably work for Bentley.
- Bentayga Speed... go faster version but keeping it classy. (No GT3 stickers, wings etc needed)
- Bentayga GT... long wheelbase, comfort, ultra luxury.
- GT Speed... as above but more focused and faster.

Surely as much as you could push Bentayga model?

4 May 2017
Maybe they could offer a completely re-styled version? I've seen a couple of these on the road now, and to my eyes they're as awful as in the pics. If I was spending this much money on a car I'd really want something I could look back and admire after I'd parked it up. But then we're all different.

4 May 2017
...100% fewer.
But this won't stop Wolfgang putting out increasingly desperate press releases to try to get free publicity from Autocar. Similarly, this won't prevent Bentley from having a bunch of ungainly, ugly and unsold boils snarling up the Pyms Lane factory. The Germans may have won the war, but they're sure as hell losing the peace...

4 May 2017
Bentley need to be even more adventurous with the Bentayga. A convertible is surely a must as per the Evoque. And given that money is no object for prospective buyers, a fully submersible version is surely a no brainer. A monster truck derivative would sell like hot cakes in Russia and the Middle East. And why not a VTOL variant utilising electric drone technology? Oh, and why not encourage Project Khan to add some additional class? Over to you Bentley.

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