Skoda owners experience the fewest problems of any car brand in the UK, and the survey shows Land Rover is the least dependable

Skoda has been named as the most dependable car brand in the UK, and Land Rover the least, in the latest JD Power UK Vehicle Dependability Survey.

The Czech manufacturer was shown to have the fewest problems experienced by owners in the survey for the second year running. The survey took views from more than 13,000 owners of vehicles that are 12-36 months old.

Car makers were ranked according to the number of problems received per 100 cars, with Skoda recording 62 cars per 100 having some sort of problem. Suzuki was second, with 79 problems per 100 cars, while Kia was third with 80 issues per 100 cars. The industry average was 113 problems per 100 cars.

At the bottom of the survey of 24 manufacturers, Land Rover had 197 problems per 100 cars. This is higher than both Dacia and Audi, which recorded 174 problems and 170 problems per 100 cars respectively.

Owners who took part in the survey were asked about the problems they experienced in different categories, and the most common problems were issues with technical features such as infotainment systems. The most commonly reported problem related to Bluetooth pairing with a mobile phone, while fewer exterior and engine problems were reported this year.

The results show that, generally, owners of cars from mass-market brands such as Ford and Volkswagen experience fewer problems than those from premium and niche brands.

It also shows that owners are more likely to stay loyal to a brand if they experience fewer problems. Only 38% of owners who experienced problems said they would definitely buy from the same manufacturer again.

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Our Verdict

Skoda Superb Estate

Skoda plots to grab a bigger slice of the pie with its likeable and hugely practical Superb range

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1. Skoda 

2. Suzuki

3. Kia

4. Vauxhall

5. Peugeot

6. Volkswagen

7. Ford

8. Seat

9. Toyota

10. Nissan

Best cars by category

Best city car - Kia Picanto

Best compact car - Toyota Auris

Best compact SUV - Skoda Yeti

Best large and luxury car - Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Best mid-size car - Vauxhall Insignia

Best small car - Skoda Fabia

Best small MPV - Ford B-Max

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13 July 2016
What with Vauxhall, they even get a category winner, doing so well!

typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion

13 July 2016
Yes, Vauxhall is the fourth dependable car brand in the UK. Yet, Autocar didn't bother by mentioning its position in the article and instead, as always, they just cramped in Ford and VW out of nowhere even-though their performance was lower than vauxhall. Which proves the British car magazines adamancy to exfoliate Vauxhall's attempts at moving the brand forward and up-market. SHAME!.

13 July 2016
Have you checked out the results on the Auto Express website? They have the full list. Interesting that Audi's A1 was dead last!

13 July 2016
Superb is a modern day Granada, a world away from the Estelle and Favorit, amazing what VW have turned around in the past 25 years.

13 July 2016
i can honestly vouch for Audi's being garbage, my partner had a 2013 A6 tdi saloon which was the biggest pile of manure ever made, the amount of problems was unreal which surprisingly we thought would be better than his previous fairly problem free insignia (to be fair the insignia was great it was peter vardy vauxhall that were useless), we have since moved that car to someone else when trading in i do wish the new owner luck as they will need it anyway this was replaced by a 5 series which up until now has been impeccable. ive always had vauxhalls and never had problems.

13 July 2016
Where's the full list? I can't find it? Its wierd, where are Honda and Lexus?

13 July 2016
winniethewoo wrote:

Where's the full list? I can't find it? Its wierd, where are Honda and Lexus?

AutoExpress website, click driver power from the second line, the one under the black banner. Then, click "Click here to see the Driver Power 2016 results" :)

13 July 2016
The last three cars that I have owned have been from Skoda and Suzuki, none of them have broken down, and so I am not disputing the result but I agree with Winniethewoo, where are Honda and Lexus in the top ten? Something isn't right. Yes, I know that JD Power is subjective but surely that same subjectivity extends to Honda and Lexus and so the owners would report nil problems?

13 July 2016
Honda are fifteenth with 117 problems per hundred cars, against 66 problems per hundred Skodas.

13 July 2016
I dunno, the 16 plate Superb I followed for 10 miles this morning clearly had no indicators working...

If I want an autonomous car, I'll take a taxi.


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