Unnamed sources have revealed plans for JLR owner Tata to fund the acquisition of another high-end car company
Sam Sheehan
25 September 2017

Jaguar Land Rover executives are considering purchasing a luxury car brand to bolster the group’s reach in an increasingly competitive market.

According to reports on Bloomberg, the Coventry car maker has financial support from parent company Tata to acquire another high-end manufacturer. JLR refused to comment on the matter when contacted by Autocar.

Unnamed sources told Bloomberg that a new brand joining Jaguar and Land Rover would likely already have invested in electrification and autonomous driving systems, which will become significantly more important for the group after 2020.

JLR has pledged to electrify every model in its range from the start of the next decade and it has been working with San Francisco-based Lyft by investing in driverless technology in an attempt to increase its expertise.

New Road Rover due in 2019

As part of an aggressive push to boost global sales, JLR has launched several new models that are based on a small number of platforms. The Velar is the latest product to spawn from this system, with the Audi Q5 rival sharing much of its structure and underpinnings with the Jaguar F-Pace.

Through increasing Tata investment, JLR is increasing its production capacity to meet demand. It opened a plant in China earlier this year, with another due to be completed in Slovakia next year.

JLR is officially the UK’s biggest car manufacturer, topping the second-biggest producer, Nissan, with 544,401 units produced last year compared with the Japanese brand’s 507,430.

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25 September 2017

Hard to think who they could buy really, as I see it:

- BMW or Mercedes too big to buy

- Audi and Bentley not for sale unless VW really need the cash

- Alfa Romeo/ Maserati - Leading condenders but JLR would only really be buying some volume I doubt they have much in the way of patents. Based on mainland Europe. Brexit insurance policy?

- Aston Martin - Lives on the same site as JLR so maybe of interest but Aston is too close to Jag in some respects

- Mclaren - leader in tech, leader in F1, great brand, little overlap with JLR. Are they for sale?

If I were running JLR I'd be very interested in Mclaren, largely because Jaguar could be an engine supplier to Mclaren but also for it's people and supercar sales... I can't really see any point in buying Maserati given the overlap with Jaguar. Alfa may add volume but only if they can do it without cutting sales at Jag.

25 September 2017


26 September 2017


Since Ratan Tata was on the Board of Fiat SpA (2006-2012), at their invitation, in a personal capacity as an independent Director... Maserati/Alfa have plenty of room for production growth and would make a good fit sharing platforms/drivetrains with JaguarLR (and provide a foot in the door to buy Jeep later maybe!) ... (Fiat have been scouting for a buyer for Maserati/Alfa "on and off" for 25 years). 

Tata could have had Aston when they bought Jaguar, and again a 3 or 4 years ago. Aston is not available at the moment I'm guessing.

Although I think Lagonda would make a greta American based Mercedes rival... founder Wilbur Gunn was an american after all, and Lagonda is Lakota Sioux for "bucks horn creek" .... just add Hummer and AC  for a real premium american operation/arm.

With Aston, Jaguar and Land Rover in the UK.

And Maserati and Alfa Romeo in Italy.

Quite a premium grouping.

(If they wanted to going fwd as well, then Saab, Lancia and Alvis).

just daydreaming really....

and this rumoured  electric "Road Rover" ?? ..... well ... Space Rover sounds better to me and they could let themselves go with the styling. 



25 September 2017

Of course Tesla would fit the bill nicely but would cost far too much money.......

25 September 2017

JLR, please buy MINI from BMW so we can have genuinely interesting as well as attractive small cars, unlike the porkers that come out of Cowley these days.  Or buy Triumph - now there's a brand thst could really go places and unlike Borgward fot instance, its a revival that could work because of the bike company's halo effect (you might have to buy them too but hey, Audi have Ducati, for now).  Failing all that, buying Aston seems the least pie in the sky.  

25 September 2017

Triumph would be awesome!

25 September 2017
TStag wrote:

Triumph would be awesome!

Stag, Dolomite Sprint, TR6, Spitfire, GT6...all given a 21st century rebirth. It'll never happen, but what a dream.

25 September 2017

​Theyre gonna resurrect Rover as "Road Rover" surely they dont need another luxury brand ? - they already have one - Rover.

XXXX just went POP.

25 September 2017

It will probably be Detroit Electric or some other company that talks big but hasn't actually delivered anything yet...


25 September 2017

...I'm struggling to think of another luxury brand that both doesn't clash with the current line up and is up for sale, or unwanted by its current owner. There's room on top and beneath the current line up. One idly wonders whether BMW wishes to hang on to MINI as brexit groes closer. It's luxury, within its segment, but very unlikely it's for sale. Do Mercedes want to divest themselves of their 5% Aston Martin stake? Don't know. McLaren? Would the sale of the automotive department raise cash for the F1 team, it might but McLaren Automotive seem to be doing quite well for themselves right now. I can't see an Italian firm being bought somehow. Holden isn't luxury enough, revive SAAB? Spyker probably don't sell enough to be of interest. Lotus? Recently bought by Geely/Etika but that might not be a stopper. Whatever, TATA have been good at investing, certainly with JLR, so it will be interesting to see what transpires, whatever company they take a controlling stake in.


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