Currently reading: Ford receives $250m loan
The US government has given Ford a £158 million loan guarantee

Ford has received a $250 million (£158 million) loan guarantee in an effort to double exports over the next five years.

The money, given by the Export-Import Bank of the US, will finance $3.1 billion (£1.95 billion) of export sales of approximately 200,000 cars.

News of the financing came as President Obama visited a Ford assembly plant in Chicago, which is set to employ a further 1200 people.

Last week, Obama paid a visit to General Motors and Chrysler, the two companies that received most of the $85 billion (£53.6 billion) in government aid from Obama and the administration of his predecessor, George W Bush.

Without this aid, Obama said, both companies would have gone under, dragging down the entire industry including suppliers and Ford.See all the latest Ford reviews, news and video

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shawks 9 August 2010

Re: Ford receives $250m loan

Can anyone throw some light on which model(s) will form these exports?

Also am I correct in thinking that if a company wants to sell a car in the US, they have to manufacturer it there, thus providing jobs for the countries workforce?