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Our reporters empty their notebooks to round up this week's gossip from across the automotive industry

This week's gossip from the automotive industry has news of possible Skoda vRS versions, Porsche's future in Formula 1, new Peugeot 3008 models and Ferrari's technological advancements. 

Skoda denies the Fabia a vRS makeover

Skoda might not do a vRS version of the latest Skoda Fabia, because the numbers “don’t really add up”, according to company CEO Bernhard Maier.

However, he said he could see a Skoda Superb vRS working, because its higher price point would allow the firm to engineer something “really special”. A Kodiaq vRS is unlikely, but there will probably be a Sportline version. 

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Porsche's Formula 1 future

Porsche continues to see more merit in World Endurance Championship racing than Formula 1, according to chief executive Oliver Blume, because it offers a better opportunity to research road-relevant hybrid technology.

“In terms of the plug-in hybrid we use at Le Mans, that experience is being carried over to our road models,” he said. “It’s important in terms of long tests of hybrid technology.” 

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Peugeot plots a VW Tiguan rival

Peugeot could make a seven-seat version of its new SUV, the 3008, to rival the Volkswagen Tiguan.

“Everything is possible,” Peugeot product director Laurent Blanchet said. “We are thinking about the future and we see what our competitors do and, of course, Volkswagen is one of our main competitors.”

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Ferrari LaFerrari's tech advancements

The amount of electronic vehicle control systems in Ferrari models increased from four to 22 between 1994 and 2015, peaking with the HY-KERS system on the manufacturer’s LaFerrari hypercar.

A team of around 10 engineers works on tuning these systems, which have included the E-diff, F1-DCT gearbox and the manettino switch, for its road cars.

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concinnity 27 July 2016

Peugeot still behind the rest?

Doesn't Peugeot have a Tiguan rival with one of their rebadged Mitsubishis? Or have they actually invested in a real AWD platform of their own?
Andrew 61 26 July 2016

A sporty Superb !

There goes the ride quality. I seem to remember a statement from Skoda saying the Superb was the wrong type of car for the GTi treatment. VW group already have brands to cover this area of the market. I guess the new Superbs styling was a sign of things to come. Shame.
kcrally 26 July 2016

Skoda's should have the

Skoda's should have the engine, in the back.