Currently reading: Porsche 911 R prices rise to almost £1 million
'Ultimate driver’s 911' prices rocket once they leave the showroom, says high-end car financier. Macan also garners a premium, secondhand

The Porsche 911 R are being sold for more than £800,000 on the used car market, according to high-end car finance company Magnitude Finance.

A story by Motoring Research claims demand for the Porsche 911 R is so strong that the car’s £136,901 asking price when new is increasing up to seven-fold once it rolls off the forecourt - with prices still rising.

Only 991 911 R examples will be made. All of these are sold out, and this is why they are commanding such huge premiums over the original price tag.

A Magnitude Finance spokesman speculated that the considerable price rise was down to the car’s appeal and limited production. The 911 R’s focus on driver appeal and manual gearbox are also likely contributory factors. He added that the highest prices were for deals that weren't advertised and were done by high-end collectors.

However, there are publically advertised 911 Rs for sale in Europe for around 400,000 euros (around £335,000) and the Magnitude Finance spokesman conceded that is likely to be a fairer reflection of where prices settle. He suggested that the £1million example may be an anomaly, rather than the expected standard premium, and added that £500,000 was likely to be where prices settle.

Magnitude also pointed out that prices of the Porsche Macan have risen post-showroom despite there being no limit on productionThere is, however, an up to eight-month waiting list for the Macan, which is likely to be driving up prices for those who would rather pay a premium than wait. 

Cayman GT4 prices have also risen post-sale, with examples being sold for between £94,000 and £100,000 through Porsche approved used dealers. This, like the 911 R, can be attributed to the car's low-volume production limit, critical acclaim, and quick sell-out. 

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nick644uk66 22 July 2016

have one made for you personally

by RUF, either a GT3 RS manual, to any spec/colour you want or an 800 bhp 4 wheel drive version. Even better there is the 4.2 SCR naturally aspirated with 525 bhp in a carbon body based on a 964 weighing under 1200 kgs or Turbo Ultimate with 600bhp from an air cooled engine. You could have both of the latter for well under £1m
80sXS 22 July 2016

Capitalism at its finest

The economy of the wealthy is essentially a massive ponzi scheme.
BertoniBertone 21 July 2016

Own goal....

Suddenly Porsche's marketing prowess achieves the nasty gloss of the shiniest spiv on Wall Street....
k12479 21 July 2016

Marketing prowess...

BertoniBertone wrote:

...Porsche's marketing prowess...

Yeah, it's almost as crass as this advert that is masquerading as an 'article'.