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Our reporters empty their notebooks to round up a week in gossip from across the automotive industry

In this week's round-up of automotive gossip, we hear why Nissan thinks the Ariya will outshine the Nissan Leaf on forecourts, delve into the nitty gritty of Ford's recent £500 million UK government loan and more. 

Nissan turns over a new Leaf

Nissan expects the new electric Ariya to outsell the popular Leaf. Helen Perry, Nissan Europe’s EV boss, said: “I would expect the Ariya to outsell the Leaf because EV uptake is going to accelerate and, of course, the Ariya is an SUV bodystyle, which we know is very popular.” She didn’t give a timeframe for this happening, describing the market as “very volatile” and heavily dependent on governmental stimuli.

Ford's lifeline

Ford’s £500 million UK government loan guarantee “firmly puts the UK at the heart of Ford’s plans to grow its export business, reduce emissions and support skilled manufacturing jobs”, trade secretary Liz Truss has claimed. But given the firm’s Bridgend engine plant will close in September with the loss of 1700 jobs, it’s also intended to prevent similar losses at Ford’s Dagenham and Dunton sites in Essex. A near-identical guarantee was given to JLR last year.

2 Ford badge

Merc's at the back of the class

Mercedes' head of connected vehicles has claimed that the new MBUX infotainment arriving in the 2021 S-Class was built “from back to front”, but that this emphasis on passengers won’t affect driver-focused cars. Sajjad Kahn said: “We haven’t compromised any of the seats. You can take your profile from one vehicle to another, or even within the vehicle when you change your position from the rear to the driver’s seat.”

1 Mercedes benz s class


Bold new Nissan Ariya is pivotal electric SUV with 310-mile range 

Nissan plots large electric SUV to follow Ariya 

Ford secures £500 million loan guarantee from UK government


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lambo58 4 August 2020

Hmmmm, the nissan is growing

Hmmmm, the nissan is growing on me.

lambo58 4 August 2020

Hmmmm, the nissan is growing

Hmmmm, the nissan is growing on me.