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This FT-HS concept car points the way to a new Toyota Supra - and it's a hybrid
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4 January 2007

Remember the Supra? Toyota certainly does, and it’s no coincidence that it's unveiling this FT-HS concept a decade after production of the classic Supra ended.

To be shown at next week's Detroit auto show, this radical hybrid coupé concept was designed at Toyota’s Calty design centre in California as a ‘halo’ product for the Toyota brand.

Designed as a 2+2, it’s powered by a front-mounted 292bhp 3.5-litre V6 which drives the rear wheels. This is backed up by an electric motor and battery pack, offering a total of 400bhp.

Early estimates suggest the FT-HS would be able to run from 0-60mph in around four seconds. If the electrifying performance of the Lexus GS450h is anything to go by, the FT-HS concept has the potential to be the first ‘green’ sports car with true supercar performance.

By using a hybrid drivetrain in a sports car, Toyota will be able to offer V8 or even supercharged V8 performance with V6 economy, as well as the option of electrically assisted stop-start to further reduce atmospheric pollutants.

According to its design team, the car’s unusual appearance has a number of influences including F1 cars. The concept’s roof panel can drop down and retract, covering the rear jump seats but turning it into a roadster. Inside, the dashboard and hubless wheel provide an aggressively driver-centred cabin.



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