Currently reading: Porsche designer Mitja Borkert moves to Lamborghini
In the latest round of Volkswagen Group position swaps, Porsche designer Mitja Borkert replaces Filippo Pereni as Lamborghini's chief designer

Former Porsche design boss Mitja Borkert has replaced Filippo Perini as head designer at Lamborghini.

Borkert takes up the new role following Fillipo Perini’s move to head up design at Italdesign Giugiaro, back in September. Borkert will be in charge of design at Lamborghini and will report to recently appointed chief executive Stefano Domenicali, who replaces Stephan Winkelmann.

Borkert brings a wealth of experience from Porsche, where he was in charge of exterior design in 2014. He was involved in the design of the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo and all-electric Mission E concept models, as well as contributing to production versions of the 718 Boxster and new Porsche Macan.

Following Perini moving on from Lamborghini, Italdesign Giugiaro unveiled the GT Zero concept at this year’s Geneva motor show.

The concept is understood to have been styled under Perini, who was appointed last September. The electric supercar features a shooting-brake design and is claimed to produce up to 483bhp from three electric motors. Official figures have yet to be revealed, but the power is directed to all four wheels and should produce a respectable level of torque. 

The electric model is built on a modular platform with a carbonfibre monocoque in the centre, which houses the batteries. This platform is said to accommodate either a fully electric powertrain or a hybrid unit.

Danni Bagnall

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Norma Smellons 11 March 2016

VW is killing Lambo.

abkq wrote:

VW brings much needed discipline to the extravagant but incohesive designs of pre-VW days

I am afraid you have completely misunderstood what Lamborghini is all about. And by some way. Lamborghini is supposed to be extravagant. It is supposed to be exciting and take risks. This is why the brand was so covetable and indeed covetable enough for VW to buy it in the first place.

However, under VW, Lambo design has become homogenised, generic and safe. They now have the standard-issue German sobriety and even share platforms with the likes of Audi, which is like Ferrari doing a car with Volvo. VW is killing this once most flamboyant of supercar makers. And now we have a bloody great Lambo truck to look forward to, with absolutely none of the bonkers charm of the original.

abkq 11 March 2016

A different opinion

VW brings much needed discipline to the extravagant but incohesive designs of pre-VW days. Lamborghini under VW is developing into something approaching a balance between Italian flair and German precision and attention to detail. And attention to detail is what Porsche has, so I believe this move to have a good chance of working. It remains to be seen whether this new head can forget Porsche's design theme of curves & their modulations and go all the way with developing Lamborghini's sharp edged planes and hexagonal theme.
1stdarkhorse 10 March 2016

Can Borkert meet Lamborghini bonkers?

In an age of Russian Doll design and from allegedly the worlds laziest design department, is Borkert a safe VW pair of hands or can he deliver the visual excitement that differentiates Lamborghini?
I hope for the later.