There was a time when I thought the Ulrich Bez-driven revolution at Aston Martin, though remarkable, might have run its course.

That was a year or two ago, when we started noticing how easily people could confuse a DB9 with a Vanquish and a Vantage V8, and when early claims of Aston quality to match a Swiss watch started being torpedoed by reports – though nothing like the monstrous Aston quality issues of yesteryear — from owners reporting less-than-perfect reliability.

It seemed that Bez might, understandably, be running out of puff.

Then, in the middle of the recession, he defiantly launched the Aston One-77, the £1.2 million pound Aston supercar which claims new success at combining tomorrow’s technology with yesterday’s craftsmanship.

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At first, it seemed a suspect idea: Aston has previously reserved launches of its most eye-wateringly expensive cars for moments when it was in the deepest financial doo-doo. But then they showed us the actual car, first at Geneva this March and just the other day outside the impressive new Gaydon design studio.