This week’s Autocar magazine features our countdown of the 30 greatest hot hatches of all-time. Since the magazine came out on Wednesday, more than a few of you have asked why the Ford Fiesta ST failed to make it onto our list. As the bloke who wrote the story, it falls to me to explain why.

It is either because it’s a rubbish hot hatch, I’ve never liked it, have never written anything nice about it and consider it to be overrated or… I messed up. Given that it was my happy lot to explain why it won our junior Best British Driver’s Car competition in 2016, I don’t think you really need to be told which.

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These things happen, or so my editor has been kind enough to say, but it doesn’t really make me feel much better about it because they shouldn’t. It was on the list - of course it was on the list - but the list started with every hot hatch I could think of and then got steadily trimmed back until we had our top 30. And somewhere in the process the Fiesta got inadvertently cut, probably by me accidentally highlighting two lines rather than one. Because, undoubtedly, it should have been in our top 30, an omission for while I apologise.