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This week: Gordon Murray T50 supercar unveiled, BMW M2 CS vs Porsche and Alpine, Lamborghini’s wild new hypercar and much more
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5 August 2020

Gordon Murray has finally revealed his new V12 T50 supercar. And we’ve got all the details, including exclusive pictures and technical specs.

We also talk to its creator to get the lowdown on what he calls “the purest, lightest, most driver-focused supercar ever built” - full story only in this week’s Autocar.


Mercedes is plotting bold changes for its seventh-generation S-Class, which will be the first non-AMG Mercedes to offer four-wheel steering when it arrives next year. Toyota has released prices for its popular Yaris hatchback. The latest iteration of the time-honoured runaround is now on sale in the UK from £19,910.

Subaru has ended production of its BRZ after eight years and, because this car is twinned with the Toyota GT86, it looks likely that the Toyota will be retired too. But don’t worry - a 252bhp replacement for both models is due to be unveiled next year.

GMC’s reborn electric Hummer has been previewed in a new image, the next-generation BMW 5 Series and X1 will be offered with electric options and David Brown Automotive is beginning a period of growth under new investors.

Lamborghini has unveiled the Essenza SCV12. Though it’s restricted for track-use only, this wild hypercar packs Sant’Agata’s most powerful V12 engine yet, producing more than 819bhp. Meanwhile, Renault lures Peugeot and Seat design chiefs, as ex-Renault boss Thierry Bolloré jumps ship to Jaguar Land Rover. Mitsubishi takes what (sadly) appear to be the first steps of a gradual withdrawal from Europe.

In the Autocar Business section, we consider the likelihood of a new scrappage scheme to boost car sales in the wake of coronavirus, before columnist Jim Holder muses on the outlook for Ford - will the launch of the Mustang Mach E be enough to secure the American marque’s future in a changing world?


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Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The self-proclaimed 'best car in the world' gets a touch more luxury, a heap of new technology and a mild hybrid electrical system, but is it enough to hold off the latest attempts from BMW and Audi?

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The new Birds BMW M140i kicks off our first drives this week: the Berkshire-based BMW fettler sprinkles fairy dust on a fast but flawed hot hatchback. Then, we get behind the wheel of the Skoda Octavia to see if more equipment and even more space can raise the Golf and Focus rival to another level.

Alpina has got its hands on the BMW X7 M50i - it has outrageous power, but does this come at the cost of refined engagement? Next, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is updated to take the fight to Audi RS and Mercedes-AMG.

In the Autocar road test, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class gets put through its paces. The plug-in A-Class broadens Mercedes’ extensive hybrid line-up, but will it top the class? It’s time to find out.

In the Road test rewind, we turn back to a time when Tesla’s second tilt at an Autocar road test confirmed it as a true threat to the old guard: it’s the Tesla Model S.


Should the Porsche Cayman GTS and Alpine A110 S be running scared of the monstrous new BMW M2 CS? Matt Saunders pits two of today’s best sports cars against Munich’s latest to find out.

As Lotus continues to display an unexpected resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic, Steve Cropley catches up with CEO Phil Popham to find out what the future has in store, before Autocar’s staffers remember concept cars that seemed prescient when they were revealed but, for various reasons, failed to shape the future.

In this week’s motorsport feature, Andrew Frankel marks this year’s double-header at Silverstone by recounting every race in its 70-year history.

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Have you heard of post-opulence? A more practical gist is said to shape Rolls-Royce’s new Ghost, coming later this year, but Steve Cropley reckons the designers could have a difficult job. Then, our man muses on what Thierry Bolloré’s appointment as JLR’s new CEO predicts for the brand’s future and recounts a fascinating chat with a car-loving architect. Elsewhere, Matt Prior argues that, although expensive classics are all very well, common cars are no less worthy of your affection.


James Ruppert goes in search of interesting cars for less than £5,000 in this week’s used cars column. A Skoda Octavia vRS with 75k miles for £4895 is tempting, but, for just £100 more, you could pick up a gorgeous 2007 Alfa Spider.

The current version of this ground-breaking Porsche Cayenne is the best yet, and great value on the used market, writes Mark Pearson. Finally, Felix Page shows you how to buy the track toy that everyone wants to own, even if you’ll probably only drive it a handful of times a year, the Ariel Atom, in our used car buying guide.

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5 April 2018

As usual, this week's edition (dated 04APR2018), is a very good read, and well worth the investment. The road test of the eighth generation of Roll-Royce Phantom - with its "mahogany panelling" - illustrates that moneyed wealth, should NOT be confused with good-taste!

The sales pitch for next week's issue (to be dated 11APR2018), whets our appetite with the Used Buying Guide  . . .  "Mercedes-Benz CLS. Can't afford the new one? Then read our guide to Merc's original style icon".

The original CLS certainly was a style icon, with all the svelte elegance of a Parisian - or Italian - chic designer item.

That streamlined elegance was lost when the original's "facelift" incorporated the bluff, Teutonic, more upright, corporate Mercedes radiator grill.

The new, current, incarnation of the CLS (page 29, of this week's magazine), shares all the style, delicacy, and substantial "presence" of a rugby prop forward!  It is not a case of "Can not  AFFORD  the new CLS?".  More a question of why would anyone wish to purchase such a vulgar and brutish vehicle?

It is (again) a reminder that the ownership of wealth, is NOT the same as the possession of good taste.







18 July 2018

....totally agree!

19 July 2018

Why the GT2 RS isn't  a five-star Porsche?

Well, according to the German car magazine Sportauto the McLaren 720 S is the better supercar.

The 720 S is razor sharp and yet poised, while the GT2 RS is a bit unhinged.

22 July 2018

Good overall read this week, except for the iPace vs Tesla review, which is a biased storyline developed clearly ahead of the cars being reviewed.  Essentially, the premise looks to convey an analogy between two passenger jets and how the second to market - the Boeing 707 - went on to lead it. Unfortunately, much like his story, he apply's 20th century motoring thinking to a 21st century ownership problem. In other words, he clearly doesn't get what the shft to electric is about. Not only that, many of the facts are just incorrect, like 0-60 time that amongst the others if they had been published correctly, would make the reader question how the author could possibly have reached such a conclusion. This disregards the fact that the iPace is better compared with the Model 3 (same size). Not only that, but the test cars were over 25% apart on costs - with the iPace being more expensive. Really dissappointing journalism. 

8 August 2018

Oh good... Another JLR product takes the cover spot.  Must be at least an issue or two since the last one. 

8 August 2018

Oh good... Another JLR product takes the cover spot.  Must be at least an issue or two since the last one. 

3 September 2018

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26 September 2018

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24 October 2018

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