The upcoming Skoda Kodiaq isn't just the firm's first SUV model - it's also spearheading a product offensive which will finally allow Skoda to capitalise on the appetite for such cars worldwide.

That's why sitting alongside the Kodiaq will be a more rakish five-door coupé-SUV model, currently earmarked for China but which could also come to the UK, as well as a stylish crossover.

Further down the line, the revitalised Skoda Yeti will also evolve into a larger, more practical version of today's car, though with a new face to suit its new dimensions. A sportier, performance version of the Kodiaq has already been mooted.

The Kodiaq and its model family have a big job to do, ushering in a new era of more emotional, more stylish designs while retaining Skoda's values of being spacious, practical and affordable.

The Skoda Kodiaq has been officially revealed - get the full story here

Speaking at the firm's annual press conference in Prague today, new Skoda boss Bernhard Maier said his company wanted to embrace new technologies as well as maintaining its current growth. He expects the appetite for what's still (officially) being called simply the 'A+ SUV' to be strong, particularly in Europe, and hopes the car will - more than any other current Skoda - attract new, younger buyers to the brand.

There's no denying, though, that Skoda is something of a late entry into a market where established players are quickly closing in on every available niche. To stand out, Skoda's SUVs must be stylish, practical and offer impeccable value for money for customers.

The key here will be pricing. If Skoda can bring its first SUV to market at a price which significantly undercuts its rivals, and the word here is that it can, then it could quickly become a flagship for the brand. Kia's Sorento starts at £28,795, for example, and the Hyundai Santa Fe is priced from £31,845.

The VisionS concept shown at Geneva has already offered a taste of what the Kodiaq will look like. In Paris this autumn, we'll finally see if it delivers in the metal.