It’s not easy to successfully launch a new brand – especially in the fiercely competitive automotive sector – yet Tesla made it look relatively effortless, garnering an unrivalled level of cool in an incredibly short space of time.

Founded by engineer/inventor/Paypal co-founder Elon Musk, Tesla made the electric vehicle an appealing prospect to an audience of savvy early adopters. And then there were the PR coups – boldly releasing its technology patents to the industry, to name just one.

The Tesla Model 3 is revealed in California

But is life as sweet as it should be for Tesla, six years later? Well, firstly, there’s the business model, which is widely reported to be flawed; heavily subsidised by the Californian government and buoyed by Musk’s other entrepreneurial ventures. That said, the anticipation of the Model 3 launch has lifted shares in recent weeks, and the deposits are expected to raise $300 million or more to help the cause.