Here’s the scenario.

You have a long weekend away planned, with lots of miles to cover. You're off to do a track day, and you have a choice of taking either a Porsche Turbo S or 718 Boxster.

Do you choose a shatteringly quick, all-wheel drive everyday supercar with a PDK automatic gearbox, or a mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive convertible with three pedals and a stick between the seats?

I’ve recently covered some serious miles in both while following Le Mans-winning driver Nick Tandy as he tackled two 24 hour endurance races in the space of a month.

First, I took the Turbo S to the Nürburgring and back. It is staggeringly capable. The acceleration is addictive (0-62mph in 2.9sec), it has a deliciously deep exhaust note, and it couldn’t have been more at home slamming along on the Autobahn.

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