Another month, another SUV from Jaguar. But the British firm is as savvy as every other manufacturer out there, realising, as they do, that there’s still plenty of sales mileage left in chunky, high-riding vehicles.

While the Jaguar F-Pace has done for Jaguar what the Jaguar XE could never do, I expect the E-Pace will excel beyond even that achievement. It’ll be more usable in urban situations — surely the home turf of many Jaguar buyers — and perfectly suitable for most 2.4-child families despite not having a third row of seats. And it will come at a much more affordable price point.

Jaguar i pace web 0097

Jaguar has been on the up for many years and found relative success, but it’s only now that it feels like it’s hit the ground running. The E-Pace should do wonders alongside more niche but just as important models such as the electric I-Pace (above).

The next 18 months or so are likely to be the making of Jaguar, for both brand image and profitability.