Several of us were talking about the Canadian Grand Prix in the office this morning – or, specifically, the penalty that cost Sebastian Vettel victory and handed Lewis Hamilton his fifth win of 2019.

One of my colleagues proffered that it was another example of Formula 1 shooting itself in the foot. I disagreed with that point, for one simple reason: because we were all talking about the Canadian Grand Prix. 

If you somehow missed it, Vettel was leading the race in his Ferrari, pushed hard by the Mercedes of Hamilton when, on lap 48, he lost control turning into the fast Turn 3/4 chicane, sliding onto the grass. Vettel had to make numerous corrections to his steering to regain control of his car. As he rejoined the track on the exit of the chicane, Hamilton, on the racing line, was forced to brake to avoid contact. Vettel continued on in the lead.

The stewards handed Vettel a five-second time penalty for rejoining the track in an unsafe manner, effectively handing victory to Hamilton. 

It didn’t prove a popular decision with fans at and track and on social media, nor Vettel. Having spent most of the final laps protesting the decision on his radio, at the end of the race he stormed into his motorhome, had to be persuaded to go to the podium and on his way removed the first place board from in front of Hamilton’s car.