The brief was simple. An email to all the journalists on Autocar: pick your favourite racing driver of all time. 

What we didn’t expect was quite the repertoire of answers that came back. Covering most eras and a vast spectrum of the sport - from Formula 1 to club racing - it just goes to show how varied motorsport and its followers are.  For once, there are no wrong answers: it has led to many discussions and a fair amount of incredulity but, in the end, it’s all about personal choice.  

Do you agree with us? Would you go for someone different? Let us know in the comments below. 

Rickard Rydell

Everyone loved the Super Touring era of the BTCC in the 1990s, including your correspondent heading to watch live racing for the first time.

When it’s your first experience of racing, you don’t really appreciate just how good you’ve got it, and the BTCC in the 90s really had it. The brilliance of that era has been told many times before.

While it’s the racing that’s remembered the most from the era, the drivers were mostly superstars in their own right. There were multiple F1 racers on the grid - even a former champion when Nigel Mansell made his frequent guest appearances - and they were backed up by some of the best sports and touring car drivers going.

Rickard rydell 459

I’ve no idea why I was so drawn to supporting Rickard Rydell and the Volvos at the time. It’s probably the novelty of the estate car, followed then by the fact I loved the livery as the 850 estate gave way to the saloon. Perhaps also it was that when I was first watching in the mid-90s, Rydell was in the mix rather than the dominant force, and I’ve never been one for glory hunting.