What’s going on at the beginning of 2014?

The bad news is that the green meanies are, it seems, about to get their way in two key areas within my world; one, by restricting the M1 to a “temporary” speed limit of 60mph between junctions 28-31 and 32-35a on the grounds that air pollution will improve in the area as a result; two, by refusing to issue my local Brighton and Hove Motor Club with a license to stage the Brighton Speed trials in 2014 on the basis of dubious health and safety.

And just this morning I watched a video on the internet, posted officially by BMW GmBH, that shows a prototype M235i drifting perfectly around a steering pad, all by itself while the driver just sits there, arms folded, giggling.

The M1 speed limit proposal is a concerning, if not predictable move from Whitehall. Concerning because the 70mph speed limit itself was introduced on an a “experimental” basis in 1965, only to become a permanent fixture just two years later (bringing an immediate 20 per cent reduction in casualties on motorways, it must be noted, but during a time when cars were just a touch more dangerous than they are today, it must also be noted).