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Brighton and Hove council plan to remove permissions to hold the Brighton Speed Trials; but a local petition to save the event is attracting attention

A petition to save the Brighton Speed Trials has gathered almost 10,000 signatures.

The Brighton and Hove council has plans to call an end to the event, which is the UK’s longest-running motorsport race. The council is seeking to refuse permission for the event to take place on the seafront, and is understood to be preparing a for later this month.

Councillors told the Brighton Argus newspaper that they have concerns over health and safety following the death of a competitor in 2012. A spokesman said: "No decision has been made on this yet. Our economic development and culture committee will consider the matter on January 23".

The Speed Trials have been held in Brighton since 1905 and hosts more than 200 road and race cars and motorcycles taking timed runs. 

The Brighton Speed Trials is organised by Brighton and Hove Motor Club. The club’s Tony Watts said: "We are appealing to motorsport fans, local residents and everyone who enjoys a family day out at the seaside to help us save this historic event. 

"The loss of the Brighton Speed Trials will be the end of an era for Brighton with over 100 years of history and entertainment in the area gone."

Organisers say "the end of the Speed Trials will also have a financial impact on tourism and trade for retailers and businesses in the area as it brings thousands of visitors to Brighton".

The organisers are seeking more support to challenge the council’s move. Supporters can find out more on Save Brighton Speed Trial’s Facebook page or on Twitter, @SaveBST.

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LairdDrambeg 9 January 2014

Brighton is lost....

... at least for the foreseeable future. The special interests have moved into the town and taken it over - the common sense voter is drowned out by them. They seem more interested in providing transgender-friendly public toilets than running a pleasant resort town and I'm afraid it'll stay that way until there's a major shift in local demographics.
simon_ingram 6 January 2014


Probably something to do with the party Brighton & Hove voted in last time!

And the stupid 20 mph speed limits everywhere (that no one keeps to)

Vidge 123 6 January 2014

i disagree

I actually disagree, i dont see how knowing the circumstances changes anything about this,

Clearly it was an unfortunate accident, and there is no reason for the details of it to be banded about.

Motorsport is dangerous, that is what it says on every single ticket sold, and the drivers, marshals etc are fully aware of that.

The unfortunate death last year should not be used by the Green Party as a means to cancel the event purely because they dont like the car. That is, in fact, an insult to the memory of the passenger in question and is quite deplorable behavior.

I am a local and i can tell you that the speed trials are welcomed with open arms to the city, but yet again this an example (as mentioned above) of a council no longer serving the people but just serving itself and the self interest of the Councillors and is utterly despicable!

(p.s. No i was not one of the idiots that voted the ridiculous greens in to a majority!) They have done nothing but blight the town ever since!