Since a celebratory tribute to Ferrari was first erected outside Goodwood House for the 1997 Festival of Speed, it’s become tradition for a massive Gerry Judah-designed sculpture to sit at the heart of the annual event.

Over the last 20 years, the increasingly spectacular Central Feature displays have celebrated the world’s biggest automotive manufacturers, and some of their finest models and successes. But this year’s sculpture will be different - it will celebrate just one man.

2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed preview

So which figure from motoring and motorsport history is worthy of such praise? How about an industry titan, such as Enzo Ferrari? Or perhaps an all-time racing great such as Ayrton Senna? Or maybe a hugely influential car designer, such as Sir Alec Issigonis? 

The answer is none of the above. This year’s Central Feature will honour someone whose biggest impact on motor racing came not on the track but in the boardroom. Someone who is frequently described using terms such as ‘controversial’, ‘colourful’ and even ‘ruthless’: Bernie Ecclestone

It’s an interesting choice. First, in terms of sheer impact on Formula 1, there is no question Ecclestone is deserving of such recognition. As the sport's long-time commercial power broker, he was at the heart of turning the sport into the multi-billion pound global industry it is today.