Believe it or not, but with the Audi Q2 you're looking at the beginning of the next generation of Audi design.

The new model is the first Audi design chief Marc Lichte has managed to have an involvement in, although he's not designed it from scratch. That will come in 2017 with the next generation A8.

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As such, the Q2 looks a bit of a halfway house. There are some nice details in the grille, the sides have a bit more character, and the coloured C-pillars are at least something different, but it altogether looks a bit cartoony.

The styling is bit too tonka toy and it's trying too hard to look like an off roader, and when something is trying to look fun and playful it invariably isn't. It's not for me.

But, perhaps with a car like the Q2 more than any other model as a premium entrant into Europe's fast growing car segment, how it looks is largely besides the point. This thing is going to sell.

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