It was a chance conversation with someone very senior and credible in the motor industry that completely changed the way I’m thinking about the Frankfurt show.

Before this conversation, my thoughts were full of Touring spec Porsche 911 GT3s, rear-wheel drive Audi R8s and, of course, the extraordinary Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar.

And then the conversation. The thrust of it was that we all know our future is electric so we might as well stop messing about and get on with it. And there is plenty of evidence to suggest that electric cars are on the point of becoming status symbols; some would argue that, with Tesla, they are already there. Moreover, or so the thinking goes, if just one major city denies access to just one of its more prestigious districts to all bar fully electric cars, it will be the first of many dominoes to fall in quick succession around the world. In remarkably little time and for many millions of people, electric car ownership will stop being an impractical extravagence and start becoming a very real necessity.