The rebirth of the Microbus has become a bit of an obsession for Volkswagen in recent years. We've had the Bulli and Budd-e, but no sign of anything for production. Until now.

The new ID Buzz concept, revealed on the eve of the Detroit motor show, is set to go into production in 2022 so long as the business case is proven out, finally giving the firm a stylistic successor to the iconic original.

So why the obsession with reinventing the Microbus? Has there even been a concept car reinvented so many times without ever making production? Indeed, recreating a large MPV,  no matter how iconic, seems quite an odd thing to do anyway given the whole industry has gone SUV mad.

The previous concepts, despite a will from VW to put them into production, never got further than a debate on proportions. VW designers just weren't happy with how they looked, as the platform wasn't there for the famed one box shape.