Popping your Ferrari cherry will always be a memorable experience.

Up until this week, my sole experience of a prancing horse was a well-used Ferrari F430 manual track car, that felt as used as its 94,000 miles hinted at.

Our four-seater Fezza was always going to offer a more opulent, rounded experience. Departing Autocar Towers in Teddington on Thursday afternoon, I confess to being slightly nervous of the car that measures 4.9m-long and 1.9m-wide. But that quickly evaporated once on the move – the FF is comically docile and easy to drive around town.

I’d read a lot on the Ferrari FF’s ability to cross countries at an impressive rate of knots. However, it’s not until you experience the car for yourself with its stonking 651bhp 6.3-litre normally aspirated V12 motor, four-wheel drive, 91-litre fuel tank, seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox and practical four-seat layout that you realise how exceptional it really is.

Before I knew it, the three-and-a-half hour drive to Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire had been despatched and I arrived at the event Thursday evening completely fresh with no aches, but dilated pupils from that booming V12 motor.

A slight hiccup Friday morning when the scrutineers failed my crash helmet (and no spare being available) meant the possibility of not being allowed on the course. That could not happen and I had to find a way by any means necessary.