You might have heard the name Lee Noble before; and you’re almost certain to be familiar with Noble Automotive, the team behind the M600, M12 GTO and other supercars and track-specials.

Noble founded Noble Automotive in 1999, and left in an acrimonious split with the company in 2006; he no longer has anything to do with the brand which bears his name. Subsequent projects from Lee Noble, like Fenix Automotive’s unnamed South Africa-built supercar attempted to recapture the essence of the Noble M12, but never sparked the same level of success as its inspiration.

Lee Noble to launch 515bhp per tonne Exile track car

Lee Noble’s second latest project, though, the 500bhp, 970kg Exile, promises a more convincing comeback for Noble, with Radical and McLaren-baiting performance, a deliberately small production target and a sub-£90,000 price tag.