Even if it were somehow possible for WO Bentley to make a comeback at the eponymous company he founded 99 years ago next January, it would still be a matter of regret that 59-year-old Wolfgang Dürheimer, Bentley’s custodian in two stints totalling five years from 2011 to date, is leaving the company.

Dürheimer’s regime has been unfailingly expansive, which has proved to be the ideal medicine given that he arrived at Crewe in the shadow of the 2008 financial crisis, when industry aficionados were predicting lean times everywhere and especially for luxury car manufacturers. Always immaculately dressed, Bentley’s tall CEO has shown an apparently effortless ability to encourage and lead, while setting tough targets he insists are met. 

On Dürheimer’s watch, Bentley has successfully returned to racing with Continental GTs in the GT3 class. The move has helped to quell never-ending questions about Bentley repeating its outright Le Mans victory in 2003. The company has refreshed every one of its existing models, and successfully launched (and named) the initially controversial Bentayga SUV, still Crewe’s best-selling model, though marketing men must be hoping the (non-competing) all-new Conti GT will soon match or beat its sales.