Let’s call him John, because that’s his name. He’s Australian and he defines himself as an ‘auto expert’.

That’s enough to know about him, except that he also has a bee in his bonnet. A massive bee, pretty grumpy, causing considerable consternation within his primly brimmed hat. 

His beef is with Ford. Ford has fitted the Focus RS with a Drift mode and he doesn’t like that. All it does is make it a bit more rear-driven, but he says it’s dangerous. In fact, he says, Ford is positively encouraging hooning, and somebody will probably use Drift mode on the road, they’ll be rubbish at drifting and they’ll crash. Somebody will get hurt and Ford, as well as the numpty driving, will be culpable, for encouraging dangerous behaviour. 

Ford says – although not in response to John’s rant, directly – that Drift mode is for use only on a circuit. In a video explaining the RS’s various drive modes – there are four – it explicitly shows the most extreme two, Track and Drift (forgive me if I’m indulging in Unnecessary Capitals), enabled only on circuit. When you select the drive modes, the car tells you a track is the only place those should be used. 

That’s not good enough for John, although his argument falls short here: he has looked at the Focus RS handbook and it turns out that, on p16, it says the warranty will be invalidated if the car is used for motorsport. If you take it on a track at all, then, he says, the warranty is voided.