As you read these words, Autocar snapper Stan Papior and I have the amazing Lamborghini Estoque all to ourselves in a photographic studio.

We’re about half an hour from Lambo’s famous Sant’Agata factory in Italy, and neither of us can take our eyes off the amazing 190mph four-door saloon.

Later we’ll visit the factory itself and hopefully get the inside line on the car from Lambo boss Stefan Winkelmann and design chief Manfred Fitzgerald.

But this is a big day for Lamborghini too: later on the company will shut down its production lines early and the Bolognese factory workers of Italy’s ‘other’ supercar maker will meet the new mega-saloon concept up close for the first time.

With no anxious show staff here to stop us, it’s great to be able to get a good look at the inside of this car, something that just wasn’t possible at Paris.

The fascia is just as bold, angular and imaginative as the car’s exterior body panels, finished in white and pale grey leather. There are no carry-over parts in here from either Murcielago or Gallardo; the switchgear is all-new, and could have been inspired by a trapezoidal-shaped UFO.