The names of the companies exhibiting at International CES, the world’s biggest consumer technology show are intriguing – in some cases more so than the products that are being displayed.

Meandering around the enormous event at the Las Vegas Convention Centre a few caught my eye.

Dr Bott anyone? Not, as the name might infer, a supplier of remedies for worrying medical ailments, but a maker of ‘lifestyle products’ for Apple gadgets. How about Global Splendid International? You’d think the word ‘global’ encapsulates the firm’s wide-ranging remit without the addition of ‘international’.

All the major electronics companies are here too, showing off bendy tellys and other brilliant gadgets. CES is a tech geek’s dream and in recent years it has quietly taken on increasing significance for the automotive industry. 

The car makers want to rub shoulders with the kind of early adopters that can help them to mould their future products for tech-savvy consumers. 

In most cases, the new ideas being shown off by the car manufacturers revolve around connectivity, and how modern vehicles are increasingly melding with our ubiquitous electronic devices and even our homes.